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Turning Interest Into Action

The mission of Food Intentions is to support local Black-owned restaurants while feeding low-income and homeless individuals and families in Seattle, Washington.

The year 2020 shed a lot of light on the inequities faced by Black communities across the country. For that reason, we want to support the Black Lives Matter movement further with a dual purpose: increasing the sales for and promoting Black-owned restaurants, and providing healthy meals to the underserved communities throughout the Seattle, Washington area. Seattle has the third highest number of homeless individuals in the country, only behind New York and Los Angeles. To support this population, we plan on delivering hot meals directly to them and advocating for them on our website.

Food Intention's first goal is to set up an online fundraiser that offers donors, family, friends, coworkers, and others the ability to donate money through a subscription service and a GoFundMe campaign. Additionally, we are reaching out through social media for more funding from people that support the Black Lives Matter movement and want to address the homeless crisis by helping to feed poor communities in Seattle. We are proudly donating 100% of the money raised to purchase the food from local Black-owned restaurants and deliver them immediately to the people that need these meals most.


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Brandon is a native of the Bay Area in California where he has volunteered for roughly 15 years.  His focus has been to provide homeless populations with food, clothes, and connect them to additional services and resources in San Jose and San Francisco. Brandon currently resides in Seattle, Washington, where he hopes to make a larger impact through the creation of Food Intentions.

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